It is my honor to serve as your voice in the House of Representatives.

The community of San Diego is a special place but the decisions made in Washington, D.C. impact our lives every day.  As your representative, I fight for our district, our values and our nation.

Years of reckless spending in Congress has created more than $20 trillion in debt and threatens our future.  Borrowing from countries like China puts our economy and our security at risk.  I’m working to end wasteful spending, reduce the debt and hold government accountable for how it spends our money.

Additionally, failed leaders and government bureaucrats in Washington D.C. have put our country at risk with failed a foreign policy that has emboldened our enemies and contributed to the spread of terrorism.

As a Marine, I believe that government’s most fundamental purpose is to protect our country and its citizens. I will never waiver when it comes to maintaining our battle-hardened military force – the best trained and best equipped force on earth – and supporting the families of our troops.

With your support, I’ll continue to fight for the values that have made us the greatest nation on earth.

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Thank you,