Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-50,) who represents Escondido in Washington, June 28 introduced the Fulfilling Obligations to Families of the Fallen Act, ensuring military families are aware when changes are made to their coverage involving Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI).  Currently, military members are enrolled in SGLI automatically, however, there exists very weak notification requirements when changes are made to the policy or service members decline coverage.

Circumstances have arisen where the surviving family members of deceased active-duty personnel did not learn that the service member had declined insurance coverage until after their death.  Consequently, military spouses expecting insurance benefits learn at the worst time possible that those benefits do not exist.  Congressman Hunter’s legislation will improve the process by requiring active duty members and their spouses to submit a notarized document acknowledging any changes or declined coverage regarding their SGLI policy.

“This is a common-sense and necessary solution to ensure that our military families have all the resources they need during the most difficult of times,” said Congressman Hunter.  “As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I have tried on several occasions to offer an amendment to the annual defense bill to fix this ongoing problem, only to receive pushback from the House Veterans Affairs Committee because of a political turf battle.  It is for this reason that I am introducing a stand-alone bill with the hope we can actually have some movement on correcting this problem which has gone on for too long.”


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