Let’s be clear. North Korea continues to threaten the United States with a nuclear assault. North Korea has the capability to launch a nuclear attack and San Diego would be a primary target. No more pontificating, no more hypothesizing, no more armchair quarterbacking. The North Korean nuclear capability is real; there is no more timeline. The existential threat has arrived. The question now: Is America’s military prepared and do we as a country have a willingness to proactively respond?

In complete defiance of U.N. resolutions, North Korea’s ballistic missile tests, most recently over Hokkaido Island in Japan, demonstrated not only its ability to detonate nuclear weapons, but also to launch them and strike distant targets. North Korea’s foreign minister characterized his nation’s weapons coming to the U.S. as “inevitable,” accused President Trump of declaring war on North Korea and is threatening to shoot down American aircraft at his nation’s discretion.

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